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Join the Clovis Chamber to gain access to our networking events and seminars. Membership Director Diana Hunnicutt will assist you with your membership needs. Enjoy learning how to promote your company as well as leveraging technology and social media. Members are also eligible for generous marketing and event discounts.

The Chamber influences the legislative process through its Advocacy Task Force and ClovisPAC by taking stands on legislation and candidates affecting business.

BIG Hat Days and ClovisFest, the largest two day events in the Central Valley, bring over two hundred thousand visitors to Old Town Clovis. They provide great family fun and contribute over $5 million to the local economy.

In addition to adding value to the local economy through our events and members, we support our award winning Clovis Unified School District and city government that make Clovis California's Number ONE city for raising a young family.

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Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a Clovis Chamber Program

News & Information

Young Entrepreneurs Receive Funding
April 16th, 2014

By Fran Blackney
YEA! Program Manager

During the second class of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, YEA! program, the students visited Ad-Venture Video to hear from owner Ted Ruiz about running a small business. He surprised the kids by putting them in front of a camera and told them to deliver a 2 minute speech about their companies. Most could barely speak 2 sentences let alone fill up 2 minutes of air time.

Flash forward to April 9th at the Investor Panel. The six entrepreneurs pitched their products with self-confidence, good eye contact and communication skills that any speech…

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Leadercast Central Valley Bring World Class Conference to Our Local Community
April 16th, 2014

By Kim Kaiser

Leadership plays a role in everyone’s life at one time or another. Whether you’re the first born in your family or the CEO of a public company you have faced the issues and the triumphs standing at the forefront leading those who believe in you and are inspired by your drive. Sometimes it’s a choice but often leaders emerge naturally and bring synergy and momentum to organizations and businesses. Whether you lead a Zumba class, a board of directors or a team of engineers, we all face similar challenges. We all need the support of others and…

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Keep Your Hands Off Our Business, Mr. President
March 25th, 2014

By Mark Blackney

George Bush took a lot of grief about WMD’s and the Iraq war. John Kerry just labeled Global Warming as worse than WMD’s. They’re all missing the point. The scariest WMD in our country is the president’s pen – the one he’s using to sign executive orders that will further decimate our fragile business economy.

Impatient with Congress and wanting to score political points to save his party in November, he’s just letting it fly with his edicts that put more pressure on employers and restricts growth. With the mindset that only Big Government has…

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