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Join the Clovis Chamber to gain access to our networking events and seminars. Membership Director Diana Hunnicutt will assist you with your membership needs. Enjoy learning how to promote your company as well as leveraging technology and social media. Members are also eligible for generous marketing and event discounts.

The Chamber influences the legislative process through its Advocacy Task Force and ClovisPAC by taking stands on legislation and candidates affecting business.

BIG Hat Days and ClovisFest, the largest two day events in the Central Valley, bring over two hundred thousand visitors to Old Town Clovis. They provide great family fun and contribute over $5 million to the local economy.

In addition to adding value to the local economy through our events and members, we support our award winning Clovis Unified School District and city government that make Clovis California's Number ONE city for raising a young family.

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Mayor Reports the State of the City And it’s Strong
June 10th, 2014

By Fran Blackney
Business Advocate

On May 22nd, the chamber attended the annual Mayor’s Breakfast at the Veterans Memorial Building where once again we heard a very positive report from Mayor Lynne Ashbeck about the state of the city.

She told us that the state of the city is strong but we still must work hard, be the best that we can and work on improvement.

She then went through an extensive list of city successes.

The city made a milestone in population when we hit 102,188 in residents – a 40% increase in 14 years even during…

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Our Young Entrepreneurs Have Graduated
June 10th, 2014

May was a busy month for the Young Entrepreneurs that culminated with a graduation ceremony on June 3rd.

On May 9th, Chandler Warne traveled to Frisco, Texas with CEO Mark Blackney to participate in the Regional Finals for the Saunders Scholarship competition. Chandler presented his company, SPOT to the judge’s panel but unfortunately wasn’t chosen to go on to the finals in Washington, DC. Nevertheless, he represented Clovis well.

While there, he participated in a Speed Networking session and met many potential customers who were interested in his company that is a web based check-in system for offsite employees to…

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A Little Ray of Sunshine
June 10th, 2014

By Mark Blackney

The past few months seemed to have been filled with lots of negative news. Every day it felt like we got body slammed with something new, mostly out of Washington.

The IRS scandal continued to percolate then the administration finally released some damning, though heavily redacted, e-mails about Benghazi that once again raised more questions about the integrity of the operation and the explanations following it.

The economy continues to sputter along. Despite attempts by the administration to positively spin jobs numbers, we have to read them with skepticism based on the shenanigans with those…

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