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Join the Clovis Chamber to gain access to our networking events and seminars. Membership Director Diana Hunnicutt will assist you with your membership needs. Enjoy learning how to promote your company as well as leveraging technology and social media. Members are also eligible for generous marketing and event discounts.

The Chamber influences the legislative process through its Advocacy Task Force and ClovisPAC by taking stands on legislation and candidates affecting business.

BIG Hat Days and ClovisFest, the largest two day events in the Central Valley, bring over two hundred thousand visitors to Old Town Clovis. They provide great family fun and contribute over $5 million to the local economy.

In addition to adding value to the local economy through our events and members, we support our award winning Clovis Unified School District and city government that make Clovis California's Number ONE city for raising a young family.

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Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a Clovis Chamber Program

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There They Go Again
July 30th, 2014

By Fran Blackney
Communications Director

You know how some people just keep doing the same thing over and over. Well, that applies to the city of Clovis. They just can’t help themselves to do the RIGHT thing, over and over. They are fiscally sound, have contented employees, top notch public safety, an effective economic development department and a public approval rating of 94% percent.

Now they’ve done it again. They have come up with the perfect plan for the vacant DMV lot in Old Town.

Last week they revealed the plans for the Centennial Plaza that will be…

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Fed Up
July 30th, 2014

By Mark Blackney

When I saw the headlines that the federal government had made $100B in overpayments in 2013, I sighed, folded the paper and went about my business, just as I have done in past years over similar headlines. But this year I couldn’t shake the sense of despair that eventually turned to anger.

I am furious as a taxpayer to be constantly disrespected by the federal government and the people working for it.

We all work so damned hard for our money. Then it’s taken from our paychecks and turned over to an institution that…

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Young Entrepreneurs Academy Accepting Applications
July 30th, 2014

The Clovis Chamber is now accepting applications for the upcoming Young Entrepreneurs Academy, YEA!, Class of 2015. This 26 week program will be a life changing experience for hard working, serious middle and high school students who are passionate about owning their own business.

Created by the University of Rochester and the US Chamber of Commerce in 2004, the ground breaking course has worked its way across the country, landing in Clovis in 2014 at the request of the US Chamber.

Students will vet their BIG business ideas, create professional business plans, learn about every aspect of business, present their…

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