Become a Clovis Chamber Ambassador and a Community Leader

Ambassadors is a long-standing traditional program run by Chambers of Commerce since their earliest days. At the Clovis Chamber, we have redesigned the entire concept to meet the needs of the Chamber and the business people who want to get more involved.

Chambers of commerce have always relied on volunteers; Ambassadors are the elite. At the Clovis Chamber, our Traditional Ambassadors help us reach people in the business world whom our staff may never have the chance to meet. They leverage our limited time and resources by spreading information about the Chamber through word-of-mouth and by being admirable examples of what our members are like. They help us find new members and stay connected with existing members. They help us run the events which serve our members.

Our newest addition is the Digital Ambassadors. They help us do all of the above through social media and online forums. The Digital Ambassador program makes it possible for anyone who is using social media themselves and who wants to be involved with the Chamber, but just can't get there in person.

In return for helping promote the Chamber, Ambassadors of both types earn points which they can apply to great perks, from the prestige of earning the title "Ambassador" to recognition in our publications all the way to earning a free membership.

Take a look at the Program Details below to see if becoming an Ambassador is right for you. If you're ready, fill out and return either or both of the Traditional and Digital Ambassador Agreements. Contact Diana Hunnicutt at or at 559-299-7363 if you have any questions.

Traditional Ambassador Program Details
Digital Ambassador Program Details
Traditional Ambassador Agreement
Digital Ambassador Agreement